Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Best Type Of Dream are day dreams


I love this picture of me. I was going through some photos and came across it and decided to share.

I need a vacation!!!

If I could be anywhere right now it would be with my boyfriend in cabo. There;s nothing better than a day of relaxation. I love the beach and the warm weather

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Not to long ago me and my bff Chelsea went to the movies. It had been so long since we had last seen each other and it was good to catch up on old times. Its so hard when you have to go long times without seeing you bff, but somehow we end up right where we finished off last time.

Good'ol memories



Last summer my family and I went to Philly to visit some family. Not to mention that's where were originally from. It's always nice to go there and take a trip right back down memory lane. i got to see all my cousins which was really cool and we even went o china town to do some shopping.

To Hair Do Or Hair Don't That Is The Question


Lately I've been thinking about switching up my hair style. I think for the summer I wanna go curly but I'm not sure if I really wanna do it. I 've always had a straight hair do and I'm a little afraid to try something new but it's worth the shot right?

Indian Food


Don't you just love eating out? I do, When ever I go out I love to bring my friends along. There's nothing better than good conversation and good food in this case I brought my two sisters. Ashley, Amber and I all decided we were hungry and wanted some Indian food. It just so happens that their an amazing Indian restaurant down the street from us, so we decided to go. We each ordered three things and decided to split them since the plates are HUGE!!!! I love variety!

My Fave Foods

I just love chocolate covered strawberries so much, they are absolutely one of my favorite foods to eat. I think that I could eat them everyday.